Hill & Hurtt Architects

A Revived Cooperative Unit

Originally constructed by the well-known DC developers W.C. and A. N. Miller, this 1927 Washington DC Cooperative unit had been poorly renovated several times with many of its original features destroyed. At one point in the 1990s the kitchen had been expanded into the living room, creating a kitchen area that was large but inefficient, and a living area that was so narrow it was virtually uninhabitable.

The owner, who loves to cook, required a well-designed and functional kitchen that still maintained an open connection to the living room. As a first step, we restored the spaces to their originally intended sizes, using an architectural style that was seamless with the features of the original unit. Rather than a solid wall between the kitchen and living room, we designed a partially open built-in cabinet unit to maximize storage and become a focal point for each room. The partial openness allows for communication between the spaces, while still providing plenty of storage for a small apartment. The new architectural details, lighting, and upgrades are in keeping with the original architecture of the building, while accommodating a modern lifestyle.